Perry Lord

Long before I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with my interior design degree, I knew the arts would be a part of my story. As the daughter of an architect who taught me to hold a paintbrush and palette while learning to hold a pencil, I always saw my world as a project for beautification.

Through my association with DiFiore & Partners I have come to view architecture as “built” values, and interior design as “art” that we live in. The way we live in our homes also represents who we are, and it shapes our way of engaging with others.

Listening skills are invaluable in this business, and my years in retail design helped me hone this craft and learn to uncover clients needs. It also taught me how important it is that a space tell a personal story about its inhabitants, not about the designer.

Though each project is unique, my goal for each client is the same – to design an authentic expression of who they are, to showcase striking ideas gracefully done, and to create a place of comfort and repose where their story can unfold.

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