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Design Sherpa, a design blog, had a contest last year entitled “What Inspires You?”  The winner was awarded a trip to Paris.  Janis placed in the top 100 entries with her entry featuring a butter dish that was designed by Allen Cohen and is on display at MoMa in New York. Here is what Janis had to say:
Great design is accomplished when function is transformed by beauty. This butter plate designed by Allen Cohen for MoMA is a perfect example of interpreting function in an extraordinarily beautiful way. The very nature of the scale requires a purity of function and singular expression. Our task as interior designers requires the same focus. But to accomplish this with uncommon beauty is the challenge and privilege that we face. This piece inspires me to edit my own design approach to the essence of the task at hand in order to discover the inherent beauty lurking within.
What inspires Janis DiFiore of DiFiore & Partners? | DesignSherpa

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