This is your home, your story, your future memories. We are only here to facilitate the implementation of your hopes and dreams. We begin with a series of questions that enables us to better understand your lifestyle, preferences, and requirements. Basic functions that relate to space planning, circulation, and types of activities, along with both long and short term goals and budget, are considered.

The client’s dreams and desires are then evaluated in light of their circumstance; if the project is new construction, the plans are reviewed and critiqued for compliance to their wishes. If it is a renovation, field measurements are taken and an as-built plan is generated. A furniture plan is then drawn to scale, which will reveal any architectural conflicts.

We then generate a Design Concept Book with pictorial images to communicate the design translation of the client’s wishes. We also draw interior elevations and sketches to aid in visualizing our recommendations. These images and drawings will serve as a guideline for preliminary cost estimates for construction and materials.

With the client’s approval, we refine the design concept as it relates to lighting, architectural details, building fixtures, finishes, and materials. Building systems are considered and integrated as well. It is important at this stage to finalize all selections that will impact framing.

Selection of building fixtures and finishes provides the context with which to develop furnishings, fabrics, rugs, window treatments, and artwork selections. Existing items will be accommodated along with new purchases, whether antiques, custom designs, or manufactured products.

Design details, finish materials, and decorative furnishings must all be subject to the overall established budget. Any necessary adjustments to comply with the budget are made at this time.

With a construction budget approved, we generate specifications, schedules, and working drawings for use in the installation of the various items. Contract documents typically include furniture plans, electrical, lighting, floor and wall finish plans and specifications, interior elevations, sections, and details. Compliance to our specifications is monitored through weekly site visits.

Specifications on approved furnishing items will then be generated in preparation of issuing purchase orders. All orders are monitored and expedited for shipping to an independent warehousing facility where they will be received, checked for damage, stored, and then installed at the designated time.

Upon construction completion, we review the site and generate a final punch list for the contractor. We also provide a financial recap including an inventory of all furnishings, accessories, etc. for the client’s records and insurance purposes.